(Squad B-3) Takato Kusanagi

The Otherworldly Ninja


Takato stands at about 5’1 and has a fair complexion with matching dark blue/black hair and eyes. Takato is relatively physically unimposing ; however, he does have a otherworldly or ethereal presence about him. Occasionally it would seem that his fellow ninja have a hard time remembering he exists, as if he just disappears off the face of the earth……

Takato’s Nindo way is : “I want to make a difference and be remembered”


About 2 years ago Takato seemingly appeared on the streets of the capital city in the Vesuvian Isles. He has no memory of who he is or where he came from prior to that time, save for minor flashes he cannot interpret. Even the name Takato may not be his real name, but when he was taken in by the orphanage soon after that name was the only thing he could recall. With no clan to speak of Takato eventually picked the last name Kusanagi for himself, after the sword of legend.

Takato’s timid nature combined with his somewhat otherworldly presence give him a sort of ethereal and mysterious air compared to that of the other orphans. However, over his two years at the orphanage he has developed a personality and identity compared to the blank slate that he was when he arrived. This is in part due to his fellow orphan friends, who obviously took an interest in the odd boy who pretty much just showed up one day with ghostly characteristics. Takato is timid and reserved, but is also still friendly, kind, and enterprising. He cares a lot for his fellow orphans and the orphanage head because they are the closest thing he has to a family. Although he does not have any memory pertaining to himself, he does have pretty extensive knowledge of ninja lore, history, and the nature of chakra. It seems that Takato has a pretty strong aptitude for chakra control, but everything pertaining to the nature of his abilities is a complete mystery to him and everyone else. He spent most of his 2 years exploring the Isles and developing a identity for himself with the help of his orphan friends.

Takato enrolled in the ninja academy mainly to find answers about himself. He also wants to make a difference and support the orphanage. As an orphan himself with mysterious abilities and no clan to guide him, it seemed like the best option for Takato. Although nervous about putting himself out there with other ninja who actually have clans and families; Takato wants to know who and what he is.

(Squad B-3) Takato Kusanagi

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