Isai Hisakawa

A Promising Young Monk


Originally an orphan found at the nation’s monastery, Isai was raised by the monks until she reached a suitable age to join their order. While Isai appreciated the peaceful lifestyle of the monks, she found their practices, or lack thereof, to be irresponsible against the backdrop of the surrounding war. Nonetheless, she learned what should could of them and became extremely proficient in multiple styles of martial arts. It is said that she has so completely mastered forms of combat that she begins to take on aspects of each associated animal while in combat.

Isai is driven to bring peace to the world, but considers certain methods, such as Iō Tsuketano’s volcanic destruction, to be a hindrance in shaping a world where peace may rule after the war. She often teaches others martial arts in the belief that it is the purest and most honorable means of defeating an enemy, setting a precedent with each punch.

Isai Hisakawa

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