Iō Tsuketano

Volcanic Specialist [Perdition's Gatekeeper]


As one of the Island Nation’s most powerful ninja, Iō Tsuketano was sent to the front lines of the Hidden Plains at the very beginning of the conflict. Before she left, she was famous throughout the village for her powerful lava jutsu and seemingly endless fortitude in combat. Additionally, she was the topic of gossip among many as she was the first member of the Tsuketano clan (mysterious inhabitants of Ash Island) to enter the village academy in over twenty years.

The information regarding the front lines has been largely punctuated with stories about Iō utterly destroying entire landscapes with her rapidly-developing volcanic ninjutsu. The few witnesses that live to tell the tale shakily recount scenes similar to opening a gate to Hell, granting Iō the nickname “Perdition’s Gatekeeper.”

While her results seem to be incredibly effective, she was recently sent back to the Island Nation due to Hidden Plains ninja complaining about the creation of uninhabitable land along their borders.

Iō Tsuketano

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