(Squad B-1) Chihiro Kurosawa

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The Kurosawa clan is infamous among the common people of Spear Head isle. Exiled years ago for attempting to instigate a coup against the government, the Kurosawa clan now resides on Strato Isle, where only the most dangerous of criminals are sent to live out their days in obscurity. It isn’t any wonder why people question the decision to let Chihiro Kurosawa, the heir apparent to the Kurosawa clan, enroll at the academy. However, years of inaction and the nonthreatening nature of the girl has long since cooled public interest in the matter.

Always non-traditional, Chihiro has a startling proficiency with battlewire made out of a highly-conductive metal and seems to know no suiton or fuuton techniques. When questioned about her rare weapon choice and jutsu, she stares blankly at the asker and says nothing. Chihiro always appears to be on the verge of falling asleep, often succumbing to it during classes, yet she consistently gets average grades and high marks in practical examinations. Due to her lethargic attitude and nondescript appearance, she is often dismissed as scenery in the classroom rather than another student.

(Squad B-1) Chihiro Kurosawa

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