Welcome! This game is an off-shoot of a Naruto d20 campaign which we [the players] play on alternate weekends. This game will specifically focus on events taking place in the Vesuvian Isles, but you can find expanded lore about our Naruto d20 universe on the wiki here:


(and feel free to browse through our extensive adventure logs while you’re there!)

Game Opening

In the midst of continent-wide war, one nation on the edge of the sea struggles to remain relevant in an increasingly militarized world. With the Hidden Plains wavering on destruction, Avalon increasing in naval presence and local animal tribes going silent, only a faltering ninja council can decide the future of the Vesuvian Isles…

Meanwhile, far down the government structure, three young academy students dream only of passing their final exams. How will these students will shape the future is a secret only time will tell.

Naruto D20 - Vesuvian Isles

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