(Squad B-3) Hinoka Hien

Future San-Hiryuu Jutsu(tri-dragon) Master


Hinoka stands at 4’6", weighing only 80lbs, She is very petite. Her long red hair looks like flames in battle, and her eyes seem to glow green.

Light on her feet and quick with her wits, her clan holds high expectations of her to be the best she can be.

Born into the Hien clan and with the mark of the San-Hiryuu, she is considered the Ruby of the Hien Clan. Those born with the mark, are blessed by the Dragon spirits who have long protected their clan. Only one user exists at a time, and are fated to become Head of the Hien Clan once they have mastered being a Ninja.

Hinoka has entered the Ninja Academy to fulfill the wishes of her clan, even though she does not wish to become head of the clan.

She was raised to be a perfect leader in the eyes of the Hien Clan, which meant she had to be distant from others. Having no friends or anyone to be close with, she keeps to herself. Even though she never had friends, she would do anything to protect her team mates, and is actually a very caring person underneath the layer of metaphorical and Ironic; Ice.

Hinoka’s Reason for becoming a Ninja: “To Honor and Protect my Family.”

(Squad B-3) Hinoka Hien

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