Rei Yanagi

A Scouting Master [The Predatory Bullet]


From the remote Outer Island, Rei Yanagi’s past is full of gossip. Her appearance and affinity for summoning jutsu causes many villagers to speculate whether or not she is related to the Kage of the Forest Nation. The fact that she also famously summons tigers only further mystifies gossip-mongers. Regardless, Rei has an undeniable appeal to animals and has demonstrated that she has multiple blood pacts with a wide range of creatures. It is also widely known that she is one of the fastest people in the Vesuvian Isles and, in combat, hardly anything can escape the gaze of her Koimeigan.

Rei Yanagi provides invaluable tracking services to the Island Nation and is frequently sent to the front lines for scouting expeditions. However, she has recently been called back to potentially train new graduates from the academy.

Rei never backs down from a challenge and can be aggressive when her talents are questioned. It is unofficially rumored that her stature, standing at about 5’3", is likely the cause for these outbursts.

Rei Yanagi

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