(Squad A-1) Nami Suigi

Water Shaman


Nami was born to a clan of water shamans that typically use their powers to fish or help on ships. Nami grew up as a clumsy child and wasn’t much good at fishing. Her water spirits where all very powerful though since the old warrior spirits were somehow drawn to her.
One day, her town was attacked by a group of pirates and her water spirits managed to force them to run away. After that, her town got together and gave her some money to travel to the capitol.

She traveled across many of the islands and became more powerful on her journey to the capitol until she finally arrived. She was given the rank of genin and placed into a new squad based on her age and she now uses her water elemental to assist her squad.

She and her squad were defeated by members from the Shattered Sky and Eastern Kingdoms during the survival section of the Chuunin exams. Because of this, they were not granted Chuunin status and returned home in disgrace.

(Squad A-1) Nami Suigi

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