Kirei Miyasoto

Head of the Ninja Council


Kirei Miyasoto is a member of the upper echelon of capital society, having been born the second son of the previous council head. Kirei spent his days reading literature and studying history while his elder brother trained to one day replace his father on the council.

To hone his skills as a warrior and bolster the troops’ motivation in the Shadow Nation, Kirei’s elder brother insisted on visiting a Hidden Plains encampment. He certainly accomplished these two goals, but was killed in an ambush the day before he was to return home. Kirei’s father would die soon afterwards, forcing Kirei to take his place on the council.

While he has only been in power for a few months, Kirei has firmly adopted a stance of isolationism, promoting for the council to pull out of the Hidden Plains and maintain affairs purely within the Vesuvian Isles. Thus far, he has been met with almost unanimous opposition.

Kirei Miyasoto

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