(Squad A-1) Kibo Kamaguchi

Taijutsu Specialist


Kibo is the eldest son of the Kamaguchi family and is very powerful in their unique bloodline. He is able to take on certain fish or shark physical characteristics and increase his strength and reaction speed. His family lives on Iron Island and his father is a blacksmith. He is learning to craft steel and other metals while he is undergoing his ninja training. Many would call him a “try hard” as he actively works towards his aspiration of becoming the Island Nation’s first Kage. He is a charismatic leader and powerful ally.

He and his squad were defeated by members from the Shattered Sky and Eastern Kingdoms during the survival section of the Chuunin exams. Because of this, they were not granted Chuunin status and returned home in disgrace.

(Squad A-1) Kibo Kamaguchi

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