(Squad B-2) Hisaki Kamaguchi

Unarmed Specialist


As the second-born of the Kamaguchi clan, Hisaki has proven herself to be unusually proficient with the clan’s bloodline from a very young age. As a child, she idolized her elder brother Kibo Kamaguchi and devoted herself to catching up with her sibling. She gained such skill in such a brief period of time that her father allowed her to enter the academy at the capital a year after Kibo. There, she quickly became known for her skill with unarmed attacks augmented with the Kamaguchi bloodline.

Hisaki is generally lighthearted and smiling, often pulling pranks on her classmates. However, bullies steer clear of her after one particular incident during her first year where a classmate mocked her brother for his loss in the Chuunin exams. The boy spent the following week in the hospital.

(Squad B-2) Hisaki Kamaguchi

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